Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why He came....

this is the real story of Christmas........this also makes me smile when I think of how our Lord Jesus rescued our precious son Tyler.......this will be our 3rd Christmas without our Tyler.....always a time of excruciating sadness mixed with the joy of Christ's birth....But...this is our Tyler's 3rd Christmas with Jesus! What we only know in part, he sees and enjoys in entirety!

            "He comes down, down from the heights of absolute being into time and space, down into humanity, down to the very roots and sea bed of the humanity which He Himself created. But He goes down to come up again and bring ruined sinners up with may think of a diver*, first reducing Himself to nakedness, then glancing in midair, then gone with a splash, vanished, rushing down through green and warm water, into black and cold water, down through increasing pressure into the death-like region of ooze and slime and old decay, and then up again, back to color and light, His lungs almost bursting till......
   Suddenly He breaks the surface again,
                                                  holding in His hands
                                                               the dripping precious thing
                                                                     He went down to recover!''
                                 this is Christmas! Jesus came for us!
                                                    He came to rescue our Tyler from this place!
                                                               He will be back to rescue all of His children!
                                                REJOICE!! REJOICE!! EMMANUEL!!

   thank you C.S. Lewis for this beautiful word picture of our Lord!