Thursday, July 29, 2010


Meekness is great strength under great control. Humility is confidence properly placed.
Pride is a killer. Pride says, " I can do it" No you can't. we absolutely need God and each other!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

never give in...

....because there is a God bigger than all your worries, fears and grief He holds you and your future. the enemy is never stronger than the Savior of our souls, He goes before us and fights the battles..... never give in!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Winston Churchill....

"this is the lesson; never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never,- in nothing great or small, large or petty - never give in., except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy!"

This is what I sent to Tyler on text messages to help get him through his training. This is also the message I have for our SEALS now and all military. This is what I tell myself each day as I learn to walk through life without my son. My version of it is a little different through, yet means the same.
Psalm 18:1-3 I love You O Lord my strength The Lord is my rock my fortress and my deliverer my God is my rock in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation my stonghold, I call to the Lord Who is worthy of praise and I am saved from my enemies"

May this encourage you today and it does me! Hooyah Tyler, I miss you son! love mom

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Look to this day..... for yesterday is but a dream
and tomorrow is only a vision..
But today well lived
makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope

A life well lived in every way possible is one without regrets. Oh to live a life thinking through every decision before making it by thinking more of the future regrets than the momentary pleasures. What a truely enjoyable life that would b be.
A LIFE WELL LIVED!! May we all start today to seek to live this life for our good and God's glory!

hooyah my beloved son Tyler Woodle I am so proud of you, moma

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hello, who are you? How do you define yourself? Are you your family? That is, you were born into the Smith family, so are you a Smith? Are you what you do for a living? Are you what you eat?
Consider the idea "to thine own self be true" You have to be able to identify just who you are. Kempis said, "a humble knowledge of yourself is a surer way to God than a deep search after learning." In other words, the more you understand the person God created you to be, the more you'll understand God Himself. That alone makes the journey worthwhile.
I remember always telling Tyler when he went somewhere in high school, "son, remember who you are and Who you represent" he would always laugh at me and say, "ok mom I know I am a Woodle and I represent the Woodle clan" my reply was, "You know what I am talking about, Tyler!" As a child of God we represent Him in every area of our lives, we are supposed to be a mirror image of Him at best, most times our mirrors are dirty and sometimes it is hard to see Him in our lives. As a child of God we still represent Him one way or another! This is a high standard but He is loving and forgiving to His children.
Who are we and Who do we represent? Good question!
The seed of truth was planted in your heart long ago, and as you grow and truth takes root within you, it will give you wings. That is who you are: the Keeper of a God given truth and an example of that truth to the world around you!

Friday, July 9, 2010


In other words, are we willing to get past the comfortable, the okay, the expected path of life, and go for the passion that God meant for us to enjoy? Life offers many choices. Find the wings of passion and ride them on the winds of joy! Only there can you experience the abundant life!! The life that God has for you, the one only He can plan because He is the only one Who really knows who you are and who you are meant to be!!
" We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has ever been
accomplished without passion." Georg Hegel
jeremiah 29:11

Find your wings...

Life offers you many choices. It blesses you with options about how to spend your time, your energy, and your very existence. It encourages your dreams, promises you a future, and announces itself at every turn, At some point your wings will be all a flutter as life shows you a path that hits the very center of your being, the place where passion is born. That's the place of connection where your dreams and God's plans for your life connect. Tyler's was the Navy SEALS, mine was to be a wife and mother. What is it for you? That is where you will find yourself the most satisfied in life! Search for it! May God bless you today in a way that will draw you closer to finding your place!

HOOYAH TYLER WOODLE We miss you always! Thank you Lord for Tyler's wings!!