Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pray for strength......

Tomorrow October 7th is Tyler's birthday. I believe it is his second birthday in Heaven. The first was when God first thought of Tyler, how he would look, what his personality would be like, his laugh, his smile, his huge heart. God planned every part of Tyler with loving care. God knew that Tyler would give his big heart to Jesus Christ at the age of 7 years and that he would tell everyone about His Son Jesus as a boy. He knew what kind of son we would need and love, He knew what kind of brother Jerica and Sumer would need, He knew what kind of sports Tyler would play and how strong to make him, give him speed and lots of courage, He knew that one day Tyler would choose to become a Navy SEAL and what it would take to get him through the training, He gave Tyler everything to get him through every part of his wonderful life here on earth. God had a huge plan for Tyler's life and He saw him through every part of it with love, grace and mercy. He knew the day Tyler would come home to Heaven and I believe God couldn't wait to see him face to face again. Tyler saw God, his Creator on February 16th at around 10am once again in His Heaven! I miss my son, but rejoice in the fact that he is with our Lord and I will see Tyler again on the other side of eternity!! Tomorrow will be hard for us but we will celebrate the life of our precious Tyler on his 2nd birthday in God's presence! Celebrate with us Tyler Woodle, a wonderful son and brother, a great friend to many, a precious gift from God!!

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