Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another day...

Today is another day, a day to live, to get through the heartache of losing my son Tyler. Our sweet wonderful guy who loved life, loved his family and loved a challenge. His life was cut short on February 16 of this year and it does not get easier to live with his loss, or to live with the loss of family life as we knew it.
We all handle our grief in our own way and everyone has something to grieve over these days. Some lost jobs, money and homes. Some lost loved ones. Some are in the process of losing their own lives, health and ability to enjoy life to cancer or some other illness. Some are grieving over their children making bad choices in life and suffering because of it. We grieve when our children walk away, too. Some people are grieving over lost love, a marriage gone wrong. There are many things to grieve over in this life and many was to get through the grieving process, but our only hope is in the life to come, the one where there will be no more tears! Thank You Lord for that promise! I am so tired of these tears and I am sure there are many others who will say the same. God help us, be with us today! Help us to live with broken hearts, with the changes in our families due to loss, with the pain and suffering, with the great losses of this life. Help us to keep looking up, our Savior is coming soon. Until then we live, we live for You!

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