Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year...

2011.......this is the first year in 27 years that I begin a year without my son, Tyler. God has blessed me so very much through the years since I met my dear husband Ron. He gave me Ron as my soul mate, my husband, my love. He gave me a little girl, Sumer, to love and to be taught how to love by. She was sweet, loving and always happy. He gave me a baby boy, Tyler. So sweet, kind, loving and full of fun. He gave me a baby girl, Jerica. A true little princess, gentle, funny and quietly adventurous. Then He gave me Himself, as my Savior. Through the years and many trials He has been my constant teacher, my comfort, my friend, my Lord. Through my family He has taught me much about life and love. He uses them still, and even though my Tyler is with Him now, Tyler lived life in such a way that his presence still amazes me. thank You Lord for these precious gifts. I look forward to this new year with my family and with You beside me. If Tyler cannot be with us I am learning to trust that through Your great love and wisdom, the best place he can be is with You. Happy New Year!!

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