Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tyler's gift

Have you ever been to a movie, or read a book or to some special event, one that you were enjoying so very much that you did not want it to end? You sat there trying to enjoy it but knowing in the back of your mind that it would soon be over and you dreaded it even before it happened? I've been there!
When I think of my Tyler, and realize that tomorrow will be a landmark in his homegoing. He will be gone from us a full year. I really never thought that I would be able to get through one whole year without my son, but God has carried me all the way.

....Back to the movie or the wonderful whatever that we so enjoy... Imagine with me what Tyler is enjoying! This year has been long and hard for those of us who loved him and miss him so much, yet for Tyler it is only seconds since he came into the presence of Jesus Christ! The wonder of it all is so very amazing, the experience of worship consumes his very being. He does not think of how long it will last, trying to enjoy each moment, dreading the end. He is enjoying this wonderful experience without end, without fear of missing a moment of it. It is his forever gift from his Savior Jesus Christ. This gift was promised to him as a little boy, he did not earn it and he could not loose it. He is enjoying the most costly gift of all, eternity with our Lord. This gift was given to him February 16,2010 and he will enjoy it forever! However our lives here must go on.. we enjoy some of this life, the parts we do not want to end (like the movie,etc.) and then there are the hard parts..I understand more fully now how much this gift of eternal life means to me...this life will end some day..but life with Jesus will go on forever...til then, I choose to enjoy what I can, endure what I must and do the work I'm given to do until He calls me home...Tyler is not just at peace or at rest as some say, he is enjoying life a whole new way!! We will see Tyler again and that's a promise from our Savior!! Until then, he is enjoying every moment and we are living in the light of eternity to come! Looking upward to Heaven, come soon Lord Jesus!

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