Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just bragging on my boy!!

this email was sent to us last year about 3 weeks after Tyler went to be with the Lord. (1 of 3 parts)
My name is Rob Smith and I was one of Tyler's instructors during SEAL training. I put him through the First Phase of training to include HellWeek. I found out about the accident while in a different course of instruction and was shocked at the news when it was delivered in the morning meeting. Every one of the instructors was in complete silence when the question was asked, "Did you know him...?". We all did. I see hundreds of canidates every class that show up to try their luck at the program and it is fairly rare that an instructor gets to know a student as well as I got to know Tyler. From day 1, I took an interest in him and in a way took him under my wing. He was a bit older than the other students and had a better handle on what we were doing in regard to forging warriors and forming certain attitudes. He was always known as the guy that would go out of his way to help other students when they needed it.

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