Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 another Mother's Day

Well another Mother's Day is here, the weather is supposed to be beautiful here in the mountains! I know that there are lots of Mothers out there who have lost children and struggle with Mother's Day and all holidays as I do. The waves of grief and sadness just keep on coming even though it has been over 2 years now. Broken hearts never really heal, but they do grow stronger. Some moms have had many more years to grieve and some are just beginning this journey, but we are all so very blessed to have had our precious children in our lives. Whether they left this world at 2, at 20, at 26 or at 56 and so on, we are blessed to be their Mothers! Life is a hard road with many beautiful blessings along the way! I pray for you all that you would find the peace that God has for you and His comfort this Mother's Day! I am part of a very special group of Mothers that I want to pray extra hard for this Mother's Day in 2012, the "Gold Star Moms" these are the Moms who have lost a son or daughter in military service. May God bless you with grace, peace and wonderful memories this Mother's Day! HOOYAH Tyler Woodle! There are also some Moms that are dear to me who have also lost sons, my Mama lost her youngest son just 56 years old, my little brother and best buddy, Johnny, in October of 2011. This is an especially hard Mother's Day for her. God bless you Mama, you are a wonderful example of a Mother to me and all who know you! I love you! Then there is my friend, Teresa, who recently lost her 20 year old son, Ethan, to a car accident. This will be her hardest Mother's Day ever. She is also a wonderful mom. My precious Tyler was 26 when he left us, they have all left too soon, yet in God's timeline it was just the right time for them. I want to wish all Mothers who still have their children a very Happy Mother's Day, and to all the ones who have lost children I want to wish a blessed Mother's Day filled with sweet memories of their children and God's great peace and comfort for the days ahead. Still praising my Jesus and loving every moment of this life with my precious Ron, my princess Jerica, my dear Sumer and my bubble of joy, Ava!! I love you all! Looking forward to Heaven where my Tyler lives! Blessed Day to
all, Kathi

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