Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Ron, my mom, and myself bravely went to our town's Memorial Day Parade yesterday. We saw the old soldiers and thought of the parade in 2008 when my 86 year Daddy marched his last Army march at the end of the parade. He passed away in July of that year. Memories! We saw the young men and women in their uniforms for various branches of the military. We heard a 92 year old retired Brigadeer General speak of his service and our great country. We saw WW2 Jeeps diven, bands playing, people of all ages and genders waving the American Flag! Proud Americans! It was so hard emotionally, especially when a young man in his dress Navy whites walked by us! Oh Tyler, we miss you so much!  We went from there to take some flags to Tyler and my dad's gravesites. My mom had bought a Navy flag for Tyler and an Army flag for my dad. So hard! We were so surprised to find a big boquet of fresh flowers with a flag in it on Tyler's grave. They were from his dearest friend Jarad K. and his family! What a sweet blessing to see flowers and a note to our Tyler from someone who really cared for him and misses our Tyler as well!! Thank you for his flowers, your love for him and your constant support for us!! HOOYAH ! our prayers are with you, all our love as well!   Hard days with lots of sweet blessings from our Lord Jesus all along the way!

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