Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthday eve....

29 years ago tonight........Ron and I had gone out to eat with my parents...after getting home I awoke in the middle of the night, our baby was on the way! We called my mom and dad to come to our house and stay with Sumer so we could drive to the hospital. When we got in the car we noticed it was almost out of gas, so my dad followed us to the truck stop on I40 to make sure we made it and he went back to our house.
      Ron and I went on to Asheville to Mission and our beautiful baby boy, Tyler, was born at 10am, on October 7, 1983! I do believe he was smiling when he came into this world! He had kicked so hard before he got here that I just knew he would be a great soccer player, and he was! Always a happy baby, so loving and full of smiles! He looked alot like Ron's dad when he was born so much that Papaw claimed him as his own, sent from God to him! He was a precious gift from God to everyone who ever met him! But Tyler was Mama's little man! Happy Birthday to our baby boy! We all love and miss you Ronald Tyler Woodle!!

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