Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tyler's birthday week 2012

Our God is so awesome! This is not news, He always has been and He always will be. This week once again He reminds me of how very much He cares for us and how He comforts us in our pain and grief.    God sent 12 of Tyler's brothers to visit us, we shared a wonderful evening and had a birthday party together for Tyler! Thank You Lord Jesus, for giving us a wonderful son, our Tyler, for giving him wonderful brothers, true friends and for sending people to love on us when we need it!  Last year his precious friend Harry came to spend the night with us so we would not be alone on Tyler's birthday, thank you! Once again God reaches down into our hearts to bless us! We cannot praise You enough!! We have many of Tyler's brothers on our hearts and in our prayers right now as they serve in hard circumstances, far from home! Please join us in prayer at 6pm. or 1800 hours each day for our guys!      HOOYAH Tyler Woodle!  Your mom and dad sure do love and miss you!
May you feel the arms that hold the universe holding you tonight, He's holding us! And our precious Tyler is with Him, our comfort! 

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