Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial everyday!

Another Memorial Day has come and gone on our calendars.....and yet........ for families that have lost loved ones in the military, it never ends!   As a nation we set aside one day per year for remembrance of our loved ones. Oh but that is never enough...every day the ones left behind remember and mourn the loss!
    Do we as a nation so easily forget or at least put these precious souls in the back of our minds? What about the four Americans who lost their lives while the nation and its leaders slept last year in Benghazi? What about all the people who are dieing every day while serving or training in the military to keep us safe and free? What about the men and women who take their own lives everyday in our country because they can no longer live with what they have had to do to keep us free, or what they saw while keeping us free, or the many friends they lost in war, or because of our attitude toward them when they return to us from war, or with the loss of their own limbs and strength? ?
    So many young men and women we lose every day and we as a country set aside one day to remember! Thank God for that one day, never let it pass without remembering all of the people, throughout all of the years that we, America, have enjoyed being a free nation, who lost their lives for us! THANK YOU ALL!   
     Now let us all promise to spend some time everyday in prayer for the safety of the ones serving now and some time thinking about those we have lost and truly being a grateful nation again!  Memorial Day is every day! Thank these brave people every time you meet them, they are our guardians! Today I met an older gentleman who had a WW 2 hat on , he told me he proudly served in the South Pacific during the war. I was blessed to be able to thank a living WW 2 Vet! There are not that many left! I thank God for our military and I thank God to have had a son in the US Navy SEALS and for his 2 Papaws who served in the US Army in WW2! Hooyah! Still praying at 1800 hours every day! Thanks guys!

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