Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve.....

It is Christmas Eve, 2010! This is a different kind of Christmas for us and it will always be different. But our lives change in a moment! I have heard that all my life and am just now really beginning to fully understand "a Moment" in a second your life and mine can change! Ours did, this Christmas consider your lives, are you ready to meet Jesus, do you know Him as Savior and Lord? Have you said yes to the Creator of everyting, the One Who knows and loves you best? Think it over!
Also, have you enjoyed your lives with no regrets? It's not too late to change that. Go back and make amends with your friends and family. Tell everyone you love them. Make time for people in your life. Enjoy life to the fullest! Its a gift!! Give it away for others, don't be selfish! Live in the moment, you never know which one is the last one!!

May God bless you this Christmas and for many more to come!
Happy Birthday Jesus!! Kiss my Tyler for me!!

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