Monday, December 20, 2010

Matthew 5:1-12......Blessed

Is happiness the ultimate goal in life? Is doing what will make us happy always the right course of action? Is trying to insulate ourselves from sadness, disappointment, or loneliness the wisest thing? Loneliness might be the result of having made a courageous choice not to follow the crowd. The things we may feel we need, "to be happy" are sometimes the opposite of what we really need in order to mature and learn compassion, or integrity, or selflessness. Difficulty hardly ever produces happiness in the short run, but difficult experiences often are vitally important in shaping character. Wisdom will remember that we are building for our future, not just for now. Just being happy is too shortsighted, too immature a goal.

This has been a very difficult year, not just for my family because of losing Tyler, but for many others. Loosing loved ones, loosing health, freedoms, loss of jobs, money, worry over children, elderly parents struggle, so many more. Many have been lost due to war. Cancer is everywhere, touching all families. BUT GOD.....this are becoming my favorite two words in the Bible!! But God is with us, He comforts us, He holds us, protects us, gives us strength, supplies all our needs, He never leaves us or forsakes us. God with us, the real meaning of Christmas! Not gifts, happiness, friends or family! But God! Rejoice BUT for God we would have no hope! Happiness is shortsighted in the Kingdom of God!! We have His love!

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