Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"When tomorrow starts without me, try to understand, Jesus came and called my name and took me by the hand."

This is what happened to our son Tyler, on February 16,2010 Jesus called his name and took him by the hand to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. We miss our dear Tyler, but know God's plans for him and His love of Tyler are greater than we could ever know. He loves our son and He loves us, His great comfort carries us through each day and will until we meet our Tyler again in Heaven. This is our only hope, our only help! The days are hard but God is good!
He blessed us with the most wonderful son, Tyler. We dedicated our children to the Lord when they were small and understand they are His. Our gift is to be their parents on earth and to see them grow to fulfill His plan for their lives. God gave Tyler a plan and a purpose in life, He gave him a big dream, then He helped him to see it through. He blessed him with many blessings along the way.
God gave Tyler...a huge loving heart, compassion for others, winning smile, sweet spirit, strong will, intelligence, courage, honor, commitment, strength in body and mind, love of life, love of fun, dedication, determination and self discipline, a great personality and so much more!! What more could a parent ask for? What a blessing our Tyler was! Not just to us, his family, but to all who knew him! Thank You Lord for our son!

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