Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you.....

Pastor Jim Dykes and North Asheville Baptist church, what can I say but that you have been our church family for many years and we love you all! God did not let us stay there or be a part in many ways but He taught us much at NABC. Thank you for all the love and acceptance that we as a family found among you. For the love and the teaching our son Tyler recieved in the youth group while there. God introduced him to many fine Christian examples there, later on even working in construction with James. God used even the work days to speak of Christ's love for him! Thank you ladies for the wonderful food you prepared and brought to Woodland Baptist for the service, you served some of the country's finest young warriors, our SEALS!! Thank you for honoring our precious Tyler and blessing us!! Thank you for the food and flowers you brought to our home, for Pastor Ken's visit, for the many cards and letters, God bless you all. Thank you Jim and Tracey for all of the love and encouragement you shared with us! Thank you Tracey for the beautiful songs for Tyler, he would have loved them. Tyler always said you had a beautiful voice, we know it as the voice of one who loves the King of Kings!! Thank you also Evan for coming to bless us with your talents from God! You are truly gifted of the Lord! Pastor Jim, as usual God used you for His glory in a great and mighty way, thank you!! You shared Jesus with the lost and hurting people that God brought to Tyler's service, what a gift to give to them!! You honored the very essence of who our Tyler was with your words chosed by God. We love and miss our son more than words can say, yet we are oonfident of this, God began a wonderful work of grace in him at 7 years old and He completed His work in Tyler's life this year. How great is our Lord!! Thank you for being our Pastor, teacher, and friend. Thank you for blessing our Tyler and standing strong for Jesus Christ no matter the cost! God bless you and hold you!!

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