Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God's blessings.....

God has so greatly blessed Ron and I with our children and through the years He taught us to pray dilligently for them. Our Tyler went through many trials and tribulations in his life. We always reminded him that God had a plan and a purpose for his life and that it would be revealed to him when he was ready to recieve it. Tyler was meant for greater things than just work and life here in the mountains, God had a call on his life since he was born and we saw it since he was a boy. God fulfilled Tyler's earthly plan on February 16 of this year and is still using Tyler's life to encourage others. This is what a parent prays for, God's protection on our loved ones as He guides their lives with His purpose, and His blessings.
February 16 Tyler was diving in Key West, Fl with his team, and when he walked onto shore that day it was on Heaven's shore, God reached into the water and rescued our son from what this world had for him. Since that day we have realized just how very much Tyler was saved from by our Heavenly Father. Tyler had a large malignant brain tumor, one that there was not any hope of healing in any way. We were told if they did surgery he would probably be paralized and could only survive a short time after. They said this was a very aggressive and fast growing tumor that attacks young people 20-30 years old and that it had been growing less than 2 years. Our sweet, strong Tyler would have died on the inside as well as the outside if he had known about this. God in His great love and mercy spared our son, he left this earth a happy man who had accomplished much in his 26 years. The real miracle is that God got him through the hardest training any man could endure, helped him to excel in all he was called to do, gave him great friends in the SEALS, really they are his brothers, and Tyler did all this with a deadly brain tumor that he never knew of!! None of the usual symptoms, pain, headaches or vision problems!! Praise God for His great love and mercy on our dear son, Tyler!! He left this earth a happy and accomplished man!

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