Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you...

Thank you dearest Rehoboth Baptist Church family!! We have known and loved you all many years! God blessed us with much spiritual growth there through the years, we learned alot about knowing and trusting Him and recieving what He alone had for us with you. Thank you for loving and teaching our Tyler when he was a little boy, Patsy especially! He loved you Ms Patsy! Thank you for never judging and always loving the children as you taught them about the love of Christ! You are a faithful servant of God!! Thank you ladies for all of the food and the hard work that went into preparing and serving it to our family and to our strong warriors, the SEALS!! Hooyah!! They enjoyed every bite!! Thank you all for your cards and prayers, for the beautiful flowers, for the visits to our home, and for the love and support!! God bless you! We are back in Waynesville now and look forward to fellowshipping with our friends from Rehoboth again! Thank you and God bless you all, you are our family!!

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