Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day 2010....

In 2008 my dad, a WW2 vet, marched down the main street of our home town, barely able to walk, carrying his oxygen tank and wearing his medals on his old Army cap. This was not planned, he just got up at the end of the parade to take what was to be his final march! My dad died a few weeks later. He was a true American patriot, loving his country and what it means to be free! When we were small we were very poor, not having much at all. A house that was built to be an apple sorting barn years before, an outhouse up on the hill, and 4 rooms for the 6 of us to live in. Yet we had a father who taught us to love and respect our country, he endured alot overseas during the war and brought home with him horrible memories of war and concentration camp clean up after the war, but always loved his country. Whenever the National Anthem was played on our TV he had us all stand (my 3 brothers and myself) with our hands over our hearts in respect for Americca. Memorial Day always meant alot to him as well, he lost many friends in WW2. The DAR gave him an award once because his family had someone serving in every war to that point that this country has ever been involved in. He was proud of that. Tyler grew up with my dad and Ron's dad, both WW2 Army vets, telling him stories of war and of how proud they were to have served their country. These stories helped to mold him into someone who wanted to serve and protect his country. He loved and respected America as well. He spends this Memorial Day in the company of many American heros, 2 of them are his Papaw Hyatt and his Papaw Woodle! Thank you heros! We miss you Tyler, Daddy and Papaw Woodle!!

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