Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New York City trip

We just returned from New York City. The Navy Seal Warrior Fund has a major fund raiser every year there and they asked us to come. This is the group that took such great care of our family during this time of loss. Every need is taken care of for the SEALS and their families by these great people. Fallen SEALS' families need help with child care for moms who have to work outside the home now, these children need college, daycare, etc. they need help throughout their lives. These moms needs support, maybe help to go back to school, to find a home, to move, many things. The wounded SEALS need lots of special help with medical issues that we cannot begin to imagine. These guys do a great service for our country they give up more than we know, they train constantly, they endure alot for us!! Their jobs are unknown to most but always whether in training or service, their lives are at risk, for us!! They are our family, our sons and we appreciate our SEALS. God bless them! Give to support this group if you can, they use it wisely for a great cause. We have seen them in action and we know! Hooyah Tyler Woodle! Hooyah Navy SEALS!! www.navysealfund.org check it out and support them! thanks, Kathi

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