Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank You.......

Asheville Christian Academy, Bill George, all teachers now and in the past who knew Tyler, friends, classmates, and teammates, coaches all who God used to mold and make our son into the man he became! Thank you for the love you all showed to Tyler! For the strong Bible teaching, for the life lessons, for the fun, for the games and championships won or lost, for grace and mercy shown through Christ Jesus, for the best high school years any young man could ask for!! Thank you to the wonderful parents who took our Tyler home with them for the night to keep him from driving so far! Thank you for the many meals you fed to Tyler and for the wonderful hospitality you showed! Thank you ACA for standing with our family during this time, coming to the service, sending beautiful flowers, all the prayers and the comforting cards and letters!! Thank you for loving Tyler and giving him so much more than a good education!! May God bless you. All our love in Christ Jesus, you all hold a special place in our hearts forever!

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