Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gift from a friend...Thank You Donna

this was handed to me at Tyler's service, it is beautiful!!

Today I sit before the King
Whose face I have never before seen,
So many times I have spoken His name
Once when I asked Him my soul to claim.
Joyfully, He made me His that day,
He has always been with me come what may.
Once again in my time of need, I called His name, He came to me.
He took my hand, said, "Son let's depart
awaiting you is a brand new start."
No more tears, war, no-pain,
No more training, your goal attained.
Now is time for peace and all My best,
But first I want to hold you as you rest.
So dear family and friends weep not for me,
I'm in the best of hands, I wish you could see.
Jesus my Savior, Jesus my King,
Jesus my Redeemer has been waiting for me.
I'll see you sometime, it may be a while,
Think of me with happy thoughts,
I'll be wearing my SMILE!!
written for Tyler by Donna Sorrells, February 18,2010
Thank you so very much for this special gift Donna, it has blessed us more than you know. Ron and Kathi Woodle I see his smile whenever I close my eyes!!

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