Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You Navy SEALS...

I want to thank the most wonderful men in the world! Our Navy SEALS, they do a very hard job for this country and we all owe them alot!! Thank you guys!!These are the men who go without sleep, run for miles, swim for miles, eat and sleep while training, who endure more than most men could ever hope to be able to. These men are the stongest in spirit, determination, stamina, courage, mentally and physically strong. They keep us safe in our beds each night with their dangerous missions! We know very little about the SEALS as a country. They are the quiet professional warriors of the US Navy, HOOYAH NAVY SEALS!! Thank you guys for taking such great care of our family. Thank you for coming to our home and staying with us during the hardest days of our lives! Thank you for protecting our privacy and making many arrangements for us. Thank you for the photos and the videos. Thank you for being so compassionate, loving and kind to us! Thank you officers and enlisted men alike for coming to honor our son. Thank you for bringing Tyler's friends from across the USA to be here with us too!! Thank you for the wonderful service you provided for Tyler in Little Creek, VA! Thank you to the beautiful lady who sang for Tyler's service, what an awesome voice she has! Thank you Navy Chaplains for your faithfulness to support and share truth with our sons! Thank you NSWF for all of the arrangements, the flights, the room, the food, flowers, I could go on and on, thank you! Thank you guys for the awesome shadow boxes for Ron and me, for Jerica, for Sumer and for my mom, Nana!! They were wonderful!! Mostly thank you all for loving, challenging, encouraging, befriending, and taking such great care of our Tyler!! HOOYAH NAVY SEALS!! You are all our sons now and we love you!!

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